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1. Definition:

According to the Ordinance:
The members of the family of the diplomatic agent and of the administrative and technical staff and of the consular officers and of the consular employee are their spouses and children under 18 years old forming part of their households.

2. Employment of family members:

In principle, diplomatic agents, consular officers, members of representative offices of international organizations and members of their family are not permitted to get a paid job while still holding their diplomatic or consular status.

3. Birth and death certification:

It is not compulsory for members of diplomatic missions, consular posts and offices of International Organisation and their families to get birth and death certification according to Viet Nam’s laws. They can voluntarily make the registration in Vietnamese competent authorities or in their diplomatic missions, consular posts.

4. Education fees:

Children of the members of diplomatic missions, consular posts and representative offices of international organizations may study in schools in Viet Nam. Education fees are charged according regulations. Such fees are paid for used services.
In case parents have concluded their mission in Viet Nam before the end of their children’s school year, the children are allowed to stay till their school year ends. However, they shall register for status change.

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